The statistics are alarming in what WHO (World Health Organization) deems a “silent crisis”.

In 2016, there were 793,000 suicides reported, most were men, over 600,000. Additionally, mental illness and the “man up” mentality are sending men to an early grave due to stress. Societal changes haven’t made things any easier. In a world that is constantly changing and evolving, many men are feeling isolated, alone, and left behind.

This is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Welcome to he. A place, a community, a platform, for men. He is bringing disparate and professional services and solutions under one umbrella, with 24/7 access. And let’s be real, stigma is still a big issue. So, he removes barrier of entry to the services and solutions that are so critically needed by providing a judgement free, peer to peer platform, that men can access personally or anonymously. Use your story to help someone through a rough time, and in exchange, feel the sense of purpose that we all crave., being there for our fellow man.

We are bringing relevant, proven and reliable services and solutions available for you through our online app, coming soon.

Become part of our community so you can be part of the solution. Be sure to join our Facebook group, or sign up here to stay updated on the release of the app.

he. Is for you.

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