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About heCast

Welcome to the heCast. A podcast addressing all the pillars of men’s health, where we talk candid, honest and frank. You’re not alone. Please follow and subscribe. But even more importantly, give us feedback on what you want to hear.

We grow with you and because of you.

heCast is hosted by all-around nice guy and Air Jordan connoisseur Mike Chisholm.

About the host...

Mike Chisholm

With a marketing and business background, Mike saw a tremendous opportunity to shift the way men think and act when it comes to their health, both emotionally and physically. He is excited to help take his experience, and make a huge impact in this arena. HEchangedit is a personal mission, as Mike sees far too many friends suffering silently based on stigma. It’s incredible how saying something out loud starts change, and he. provides all men with that opportunity.

All episodes of the heCast are available on the HeChangedIt app.

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