All men need a little help sometimes...

As the COVID 19 pandemic rolls into a full year of it’s miserable operation, talk related to mental health, anxiety, depression and stress, has never been more prevalent. Yet, the number of men who still feel they can’t talk about their feelings is staggering. In recent studies, 77% of men said they are feeling an increase in stress, anxiety and/or depression since the beginning of COVID, and yet 40% of those said they still won’t talk to someone about it because they don’t want to bother anyone with their issues.

He Changed It Enterprises has built the he. a mental health and wellness app for men, for this specific reason. We saw that there was a massive need in the marketplace for a space for men to go to talk, be themselves, and feel safe doing so. Mental health and wellness is difficult enough, but add to that the stigma associated with mental health and men, when you feel you need to always be the strong one, the one supporting others, the one holding it all together, and that task can become crushing. In North America alone we are losing a man a minute to suicide. We can’t help but wonder, if they had somewhere to go, someone to talk to in that moment, would they be gone now? If we can in some way prevent more from happening then we have to try.

We filmed this video, as a little bit of fun to try and bring attention to a serious topic, that everyone needs a little help sometimes, even heroes. This pandemic has taken a lot from us, including friends, family, jobs, identity, purpose etc. In the video, our hero is struggling with his purpose, with the streets empty, is he even needed anymore. Should he even come out of his cave?

We hope this tongue in cheek video will resonate with some guys who, in reality, are feeling the same. How many times have you wondered, ”what’s the point of getting out of bed today?”. The truth is, you aren’t alone. Just because guys don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. So if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be nice to know you aren’t alone? Wouldn’t it be good to see that others feel the same way? And, wouldn’t it be awesome, if you could talk to someone who maybe DID feel that way at one point, but now things are better, and they could offer some advice, or just an empathetic ear?

That’s what he. is about.

Mens health tends to always focus on the physical, and that is part of it, but the he. Men’s App is much more! Based off of the premise of building your 5 fitness pillars, he. provides resources, tools, and community designed to help you balance your physical, emotional, soul (spiritual), social and mental health. he. will help you identify imbalance, and offer practical and tangible ways to work through them. By no means does the he. app replace conventional therapy or counselling, but it can bridge the times in between. It can be the support while working to discover how to live your best life, and the community that’s always there to listen when you need it most.

Download he. The mens mental health and wellness app today in the App Store or on Google Play.