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The hechangedit platform is first and foremost built with you in mind. We are all here to encourage a safe place to talk, vent, and most of all, move forward, using personal development and prevention wellness as the launching pad to maximizing your performance in everything you do.

A Topic Not Often Talked About In a topic not talked about often, with men, we thought it was important to breach the subject, especially as we round out to Father’s Day. Unfortunately, not all fathers days are times of celebration. In a staggering new study, 25%, or 1 in 4 pregnancies, result in loss.

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All men need a little help sometimes… As the COVID 19 pandemic rolls into a full year of it’s miserable operation, talk related to mental health, anxiety, depression and stress, has never been more prevalent. Yet, the number of men who still feel they can’t talk about their feelings is staggering. In recent studies, 77%

What foods can you eat to help with depression, anxiety and stress? Have you noticed that your eating habits have changed in the last 6 months? On top of living with COVID-19, facing employment struggles, kids being home schooled, or a variety of other hurdles, many have found their eating habits have shifted. With all

No really, how are you doing? While the majority of us recognize this iconic greeting from Joey Tribbiani, his go to line to “mack on chicks”, the truth is, we need this statement now more than ever, to really know, “how are you doing?”. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and circumstances have

Living in the past I was talking to a friend the other day, and he mentioned that his sister was high school royalty. You know, the kind that gets voted in, rides in floats and represents your cities at fairs. Which is cool, except it was over 45 years ago and she still talks about

Be a MAN! It wasn’t uncommon for people to say that to me as a boy growing up in the 80/90’s (I choose to think of myself as child of both), and I usually interpreted it as a command to ‘toughen up.’ Perhaps it was said by someone to get me to stop crying, or

Gender Equality Recently, I have been tossing around the distinction between equality and individuality between the genders. You know, that old chestnut. As the social landscape seems to be changing all around us (both perceived, and actual change) there seem to be so many ideas about what the new ‘correct’ is. I think sometimes equality